About Us

Green Fuse is a Calgary-based company that provides customized communications services locally, regionally, and internationally.


Margaret is a teacher, writer, and editor. She delivers customized communication workshops to clients in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. She taught at the University of Calgary and at Mount Royal University for 20 years. She is also a freelance editor and writer and especially enjoys projects that advance good causes or tackle the complexities of the English language.

Margaret Chandler, MEd

Margaret Chandler, MEd

Steven Peter, BSc

Steven Peter, BSc


Steven has worked  in the energy sector as a professional geologist for 35 years. He provides technical advice, IT, and logistical support to Green Fuse. He has authored more than 700 industry studies and appreciates the challenges that many technical and business writers encounter.

Why choose us?

We are passionate about helping writers.

We understand how frustrating and challenging the writing process can be and also how important good writing is—both to the writer and the organization. Our strategies, techniques, and resources will help you and your team become confident and strong writers whether we’re editing a report or providing an in-house workshop.

We are experienced and dedicated professionals.

We know what we’re doing. Margaret has worked in communications for her entire career. Steven has decades of experience as a geologist and technical writer. We also collaborate with other writers, editors, and information designers and can call on their expertise if necessary.

We have served many clients.

We’ve worked with romance writers, RCMP, engineers, biologists, lawyers, administrators, translators, managers, librarians, accountants, newcomers to Canada, marketing teams, and many more. We’ve worked for Fortune 500 companies, post-secondaries, nonprofit agencies, government, small companies, and one-person offices. We love the mix of our clients and their diverse perspectives.