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Our engaging and practical workshops will help your team become stronger writers and editors.


Do you need personalized support to take your writing skills to the next level and advance your career?


We pride ourselves on crafting stellar content that both you and your audience will appreciate.



Polish your written reputation with our copyediting, stylistic editing, structural editing, and proofreading services.


Looking for a lunch-and-learn on plain language or a conference session on clear and compelling language for scientists?

Web Design

We can help you create a website that’s in tune with your style and business needs.

It all begins and ends with the seven Cs.


A correct document has no grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.


A clear document communicates effectively because it can be understood on first reading.


A concise document values economy and treats words as a precious resource.


A coherent document is easy to follow because there is a logical relationship among ideas.



A consistent document has no confusing shifts in tone, terms, spelling, numbers, and the like.



A complete document contains all the necessary parts and answers any questions the reader might have.


A courteous document is reader-centred and emphasizes reader benefits and needs.

And, of course, good writing is good business!

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9 + 2 =

“Margaret’s speech writing abilities are superb. I was always delighted at how well she captured my voice and how quickly she could pull together a compelling speech. We also often called upon her excellent editing skills, and she took a lead role in developing a college style guide. One of her significant contributions was to coordinate our Vision 2020 initiative, and she kept it on track to a successful conclusion.”

Sharon Carry

Former President and CEO, Bow Valley College

“I first attended Margaret’s business writing seminar at the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta. It was an informative and lively seminar with lots of excellent hands-on writing exercises and resources. We hired her to provide some in-house writing workshops tailored to our specific needs. I highly recommend her workshops to any business that wants to expend less time and grief on their writing projects.”

Bruce Sonnenberg

Operations Manager, PCL Construction Management .

“Margaret is an exceptional instructor and curriculum developer. Serving as an industry expert, consultant, lead curriculum developer, and instructor, she has reviewed, designed, and written the course curriculum for numerous certificate programs, including Professional Editing, Business Communications, and Technical Writing. In addition to being recognized for teaching excellence, Margaret is a dedicated communications professional who delivers top quality work.”

Patty Moore

Program Administrator, Mount Royal University