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Writing, Editing, and Workshops

The four principles of writing good English: clarity, simplicity, brevity and humanity.
~ William Zinsser


Need a hand with a writing project that’s languishing on your desktop?

Our team is proficient in many genres of writing: grants, newsletter and magazine articles, speeches, web content, annual reports, style guides, media releases, curriculum, editorials, radio scripts, marketing materials, and proposals. Our areas of writing expertise include education; science and technical; environment and sustainability; and arts and culture. Recently, we’ve been focused on providing communications expertise to organizations dedicated to protecting and managing water resources.

Whether you need help identifying your audience, conducting interviews or doing research, getting your message heard, creating a single voice from a multi-author document, writing plain language materials,  or adapting print content for web, the Green Fuse team will get the job done on time and to your satisfaction.

Writing services include the following:

♦ ghostwriting
♦ copywriting (marketing and promotional materials)
♦ business writing and plain language (e.g., reports, proposals, grants, training material, executive summaries, white papers)
♦ curriculum, both for classroom and online delivery
♦ social media content
♦ web writing (e.g., online content and blogs)
♦ technical writing (e.g., manuals, training materials, policies and  procedures, technical reports)

We edit to let the fire shine through the smoke.
~ Arthur Plotnik 


Behind every great online manual or annual report, there’s a careful and diligent editor. Most writers—no matter how good their writing is—could use the services of a professional editor. Editors ensure quality control—in grammar, style, accuracy, structure, and design. They edit for style, structure and content; for grammar, punctuation and consistency; and for plain language.

Modern editors come in several versions, from copyeditor to information designer to project manager. The Green Fuse editors wear all hats. We can work with text, but we’re equally comfortable with structure, visuals, information architecture, or production. Regardless of the medium, we work to ensure your ideas are communicated clearly and efficiently. Let us help you produce a stellar piece of work that reflects you and your organization at your very best.

Check out some samples of before and after editing.

Editing services include the following:

♦ proofreading
♦ copyediting
♦ structural editing
♦ research and fact checking
♦ layout and design
♦ project manager – from concept through to production

Here’s more information on types of editorial skills. 

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.
~ Chinese Proverb


University of Calgary
University of Calgary
Mount Royal University
The Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta


Our workshops help people become better writers. We deliver workshops that are challenging, engaging, and practical. Participants appreciate the tools, techniques, and resources we provide to make the writing process less difficult and more rewarding.

Writing is often a difficult and demoralizing experience for business writers. Many of us spend most of our day writing yet have no training in professional business writing. In the business world, unlike the academic world, we write to people not necessarily familiar with our subject and already overwhelmed with too much correspondence. We write to build relationships and to sell products, concepts, recommendations, and the like. Our focus on a reader-centred approach helps people learn how to write more efficiently and eloquently.

Whatever the needs of your organization, Green Fuse can tailor a workshop to fit your communication needs. This could be a group of twenty taking a two-day effective business writing workshop, a group of seven non-native speakers taking a three-hour workshop to improve their email writing skills, or a communications department wanting help crafting their company style guide.[

The Seven Cs of Effective Business Writing

A clear document is understandable on first reading. Clarity increases credibility.
A concise document is persuasive and dynamic. The concise writer focuses on economy and efficiency and treats words as a precious resource.
A cohesive document is fluent because there is a seamless and logical relationship among ideas. All parts of the document come together and stay together.
A correct document is free of grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.
A consistent document is free of random and confusing shifts in tone, terms, spelling, numbers, etc. Visual features such as headers, headings, and page numbers are also consistent.
A complete document contains all the necessary parts and answers all the questions the reader might have. Test by applying the five Ws—who, what, when, where, and why.
A courteous document is always reader-centred. Courteous writers emphasize the needs of the reader and focus on creating good will.


Ready, willing, and definitely capable

Margaret Chandler

I’ve always had a thing for words—reading and writing them, hearing and speaking them. Teaching flows naturally from my love of language and my enthusiasm for sharing what I know. I teach business and technical writing, grammar and style, editing, English as an additional language, and other courses at the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University. Through Green Fuse, I deliver customized workshops to diverse clients eager to improve their business writing.

I’ve been a freelance writer for 20 years. I’ve written everything from magazine feature stories to annual reports to speeches to curriculum to proposals. I especially enjoy writing projects that advance good causes, and I also enjoy writing about language, in particular the complexities of the English language.

My first taste of editing was as a magazine editor at the helm of Encompass, Alberta’s magazine on the environment, which I edited for five years. Since then, I’ve edited grants, websites, resumes, business plans, curriculum, marketing materials, and many, many other projects. There’s nothing like sitting down with a big mug of tea and turning on the Track Changes! One of my latest editing projects has been the design and development of the Professional Editing Certificate for Mount Royal University where I was able to combine my passion for both teaching and editing.

Before I took up work in earnest, I spent nine years travelling and teaching English as a foreign language in South Korea, West Berlin, Ecuador, and Brazil. I have a BA in history and a MEd in adult and community education from the University of Calgary. I also studied journalism for two years at the Freie Universität in West Berlin.

When not working, I enjoy community politics (I’m on the board of my community association), other volunteer projects, hanging out with family and friends, and music of all kinds. Some of my interests—such as learning how to sketch and mastering Spanish verbs—keep me humble, which is a good thing for a teacher to be.

Dr. Kelley Kissner
Green Fuse Associate

I began my career as a biologist, spending much of my time working with multi-stakeholder groups to write resource management plans. Since making the move more than 10 years ago to become a full-time communications professional, I have worked with government, businesses, nonprofits, academic institutions, publishers, and individuals. With a background in science, I have written and edited many scientific and technical documents, but I am also skilled at working with non-technical material, such as corporate communications, marketing copy, and website content.

Steven Peter
Green Fuse Associate

I’ve worked as a professional geologist in the Calgary oil patch for the last 32 years and have made several oil and gas pool discoveries. I have also written over 500 industry studies, both for local and international clients and presented at various conferences.

I like making technical jargon and complex language easy to understand for a range of audiences. My role on the Green Fuse team is to provide strategic direction to the company and advise industry clients who want their communications to be clear and dynamic.

Donna-Lee Wybert
Green Fuse Associate

I bring to the Green Fuse team an eclectic background in the social sciences and humanities (BSW, BFA, MA in Communications and Cultural Studies). My freelance experience is similarly diverse: I’ve developed and presented writing workshops; coached budding writers; mentored professors (as part of the grant-writing process); and edited research papers, academic monographs, doctoral dissertations, business reports, and the odd novel or memoir.

My toolkit includes theoretical and practical knowledge, plain language principles, and experience helping non-native English speakers craft grammatically correct and natural sentences.

Joyce Hildebrand
Green Fuse Associate

My enchantment with words goes back to the moment I connected symbol to sound as a child. Happily, my misguided plan to become a math teacher was derailed by an enthusiastic linguistics instructor. After completing an MA in linguistics, I taught linguistics, English grammar, and writing at postsecondary institutions in Calgary for two decades.

To supplement the sessional wages, I began editing for university presses and individual scholars and eventually left teaching to work with academic writers and publishers full time. In 2016, hundreds of manuscripts later, I accepted the Lois Hole Award for Editorial Excellence from the Book Publishers Association of Alberta.

Patrick Brooks
Green Fuse Associate

I bring a creative yet analytical perspective to the Green Fuse team. As a communications generalist, I can design, write, edit, photograph, or simply advise on issues of clarity or messaging. With a formal background in design, a graduate degree in Professional Communications, and eight years as an information design instructor at Mount Royal University, I bring projects or presentations to life with an eye firmly focused on professionalism and effectiveness.

Green Fuse is a proud member of the community


Let our clients convince you


Some organizations we’ve had the pleasure of working for

♦ Alberta Environment
♦ Alberta Teachers of English as a Second Language
♦ Canada Foundation for Innovation
♦ Calgary Public Library
♦ CBC Radio Canada
♦ City of Edmonton
♦ Clean Air Strategic Alliance
♦ Community Natural Foods
♦ Mount Royal University
♦ Nexen
♦ Pembina Institute
♦ Sustainable Calgary
♦ Tourism Calgary

♦ Alberta Ecotrust Foundation
♦ Alberta Magazine Publishers Association
♦ Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association
♦ Alberta WaterSMART
♦ Alberta Wilderness Association
♦ Aquality Environmental Consultants
♦ B.C. Mortgage Brokers Association
♦ Bow Valley College
♦ Calgary Chamber
♦ Calgary Public Library Foundation
♦ City of Calgary
♦ City of Edmonton
♦ Clean Air Strategic Alliance
♦ Ernst & Young
♦ Green Planet Communications
♦ Pembina Institute
♦ Water Matters

♦ Alberta Health Services
♦ Alberta Institute of Agrologists
♦ Alberta Romance Writers Association
♦ Alberta Securities Commission
♦ Alberta Water Council
♦ AltaLink
♦ Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA)
♦ Association of Translators & Interpreters of Alberta
♦ Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association
♦ Calgary Police Service
♦ City of Calgary
♦ City of Edmonton
♦ Ernst & Young
♦ Mount Royal University
♦ MPE Engineering
♦ NOVA Corporation
♦ PCL Construction Management
♦ Shell Canada Energy
♦ Sproule Unconventional
♦ Stantec
♦ Todd Energy
♦ Transmission Design Consultants
♦ University of Calgary


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